I offer the following modalities: Swedish, deep-tissue massage, and myofascial release. I also offer an appointment type for horses at a show: pre- and post-event massage.

Swedish involves soothing, shallow strokes for relaxation and warming up the tissues. It also includes tapotement, which are percussive strokes designed to stimulate the muscles.

The goal of deep-tissue massage is to reduce tension by gently stretching the muscle fibers. There are a variety of ways to do this, and throughout the massage I will discover your horse's preferences and use them to make the massage more effective and pleasant. Great for athletes and injured/elderly horses.

Myofascial release involves the fascia interconnecting the muscles and other tissues. This substance can become restricted just like muscle, and restoring its health will improve the body's flexibility and positively influence the muscles.

For pre- and post-event massage, I will come to your show and work with your horse before and after their event. Each half of the session is 30 minutes, for a total of one hour of bodywork. This can be done within a few hours before and after your event. If you're doing multiple events, we can work together to figure out the best timing for your horse.

This is a fantastic way to get your horse warmed up and mentally prepared before your show. Cooling down afterward is important too, which this massage also addresses. This combination helps reduce the risk of injury. I'll customize this massage for your horse: whether they get under- or overexcited for showing, this appointment will get them in the right mindset.


Prior to your horse's first appointment, please fill out the Client Information Form. Click the link for a printable form. You may email it to me or bring it with you to the appointment. We'll have time to discuss your horse's health during the beginning of the appointment.

Please have your horse groomed and ready by the appointment time! If you are not present for the session and your horse needs to be caught/groomed, there will be a $15 fee. Please let me know ahead of time if you require this extra service.

We may need to experiment to find the best environment for your horse during bodywork. A quiet, calm area tends to work best. Space to move around is also important, so that I can do my best work while staying safe.

We can discuss the session once I'm finished, or I can send an email to update you. You're not required to be present during subsequent appointments, but feel free to be involved!

One hour of bodywork: $80

This includes intake, massage, and stretching. The price will be the same whether the massage is focused on maintenance, performance, or rehab.

Pre- and post-event massage: $100

I will come to your show and work on your horse before and after their event. This is one massage session split into two parts! It will be about 30 minutes for each half of the session, within a few hours before and after the activity.

I do not charge travel fees unless clients are located outside of Whatcom and Skagit County.

Methow Valley: $110-120

I occasionally travel to the Methow (Twisp and Winthrop) to work with clients. Summer pricing when Hwy 20 is open: $110, winter pricing when I drive the long way: $120.