Scope of Practice

The massage your animal receives is only for animal well-being. It is designed to reduce muscle fatigue and tension, and is not a substitute for veterinary care. The massage therapist may not diagnose, prognose, or treat diseases, deformities, or injuries; adjust any articulations of the animal's body or spine, as in chiropractic; perform acupuncture or other bodywork modalities that require separate licensing; or perform therapies that are restricted to the field of veterinary medicine.

Certain medical conditions, including infectious diseases, fever, and shock, contraindicate massage. Neglecting to keep the therapist updated on changes in the animal’s health may result in adverse effects.

I fill out a health intake form at your first appointment, and complete a SOAP chart after every massage. These records are kept for a minimum of 3 years according to federal law. Scans of these medical forms will be provided upon request.